10 | Why Your Hair Is So Dry

May 02, 2018

What it is?

As Basic as it gets, dry hair does not have enough moisture and oil to maintain its normal sheen and texture. Dry hair tends to appear dull and is more prone to split and break, it can also feel brittle and frizzy.

What is its cause?

This condition is caused by a multitude of things, ranging from environmental stresses, Chemical exposure, excessive shampooing, inappropriate use of stying tools.

Dry, Brittle hair is a sign of damage to the outer layer of the hair which then directly effects its ability to retain moisture. The ability to absorb and release moisture is called “Porosity.” The best, and perhaps the easiest way to mend damage to the outer layer is through protein, either in shampoo, conditioner, or treatments. Protein fills in the gaps, binds to damaged places, and mends the outer layer. Regular protein improves the hairs porosity by reinforcing the cuticle layers and allowing the hair to better retain moisture


If moisture loss is occurring due to over exposure to chemicals and haircolor, then a daily repairing or color preserving shampoo and conditioner should be used in combination with a  weekly moisturizing conditioning treatment.


If the moisture loss is occurring due to natural tendencies,  Blow drying, or flat ironing, then a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner should be used in combination with a heat protecting product such as silicone


If both instances are occurring than extreme hair should be taken.

Repairing Shampoo and conditioner, weekly conditioning treatments, heat Protecting stying product that should be used before heat is applied

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