11 | Got Dandruff?

May 02, 2018

Why is my hair oily?
Many people mistakenly think that their hair is oily when it is actually the scalp producing the excess oil. The hair itself does not produce oil, but the oil gland attached to it does.


What is the cause of oil hair?
The oil produced moves down the hair strand. On straight hair this process occurs rapidly whereas curly/extremely curly hair moves oil very slowly away from the scalp. This will explain why straight hair seemingly gets oily and curly tends to feel more dry.

Some people have more active oil glands than others and it is mainly due to genetics. If your scalp is cleansed too often or with too aggressive of soaps the skin can react adversely and produce more oil than necessary as a sort of protective barrier.

How can I correct/prevent overly oily hair?

Shampoo selection deserves special consideration, use a shampoo that is designed for oily hair, or a scalp balancing shampoo with tea tree oil and/or burdock root. Try using gentleshampoos that balance oil production. Key word here is balance, something that will improve problem where its occurring, but not treat areas that don’t need treating.

Wash your scalp frequently and avoid applying conditioner to the scalp area.Control conditioner application to dry ends only ( if hair is very short, conditioner can be skipped all together).

Keep in mind that  excessively oily hair may require two applications of shampoo to the scalp.

An easy way to tell if the oil has been sufficiently removed from the scalp is to note the foam produced by the shampoo. If shampoo sufficiently foams up on first shampoo then a second application is not necessary.

Another habit that may increase the appearance of oily hair is frequent grooming or brushing. Brushing  aids in the movement of oil  from the scalp down the hair strand, so handle your hair as little as possible.

The only product that I’ve used and would personally recommend for oily hair would be Avedas Scalp Benefits line.

It has a shampoo, conditioner and Scalp remedy for dandruff.

I am not saying that there isn’t anything else out there, I’m just saying that this is one that I fully trust and recommend!

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