12 | Love Your Hair

May 02, 2018

Not all hair is the same. Not all hair is cared for the same.

Hair care is an general term for hair hygiene. Hair care will differ according to genetic hair type, colored vs uncolored hair, and some chemical alterations.  There are several ways to treat similar cases and even more product lines to choose from.

I’ve asked many clients what they use on their hair and 7 out of 10 times its a non professional, drugstore brand product, that is chosen based on low prices and convenience. But when I then ask if they would use car washing soap to clean their dry clean only blouse….”of course not!”

In fact it is even worse than my example because you spend much more on your hair than you would on a blouse or a nice coat. You will  also wear it every single day, rain, snow, or shine.

We will cover, how to select the proper shampoo and conditioner, basic hair, ingredients to watch out for, recommended product lines, and an in depth look at why you should steer clear of typical drugstore products. So please browse around and increase your understanding of  the benefits of professional salon products.


Healthy hair is; shiny, manageable, tangle free. frizz free, hassle free. beautiful hair. At the end of the day, Isn’t healthy hair worth the extra dime?