8 | When & WHY for Hair Heat Protectants

May 02, 2018

Why and When should I use a Heat Protectant?

In this particular article we will address why is it a great idea to use a product that protects against the high temperatures produced by curling irons and flat irons.

We have no sensation in our hair, no sense of heat, or pain. Therefore it is very easy to apply too much heat to your hair without even knowing it! 

Hair is made up of protein, much like the skin and nails, and we can burn them all the same.  Just because we cannot feel the hair being burned does not mean that it is not happening. 

When it comes to hair, it is strong and fairly resilient. We wash it, color it, curl it, and straighten constantly. It is quite amazing what we can get our hair to do. We need to start considering these effects to the hair in the long term.

Many years ago, hairdressers had no need to recommend heat protecting products because most of the styling tools did not reach a high temperature. With the flat irons and curling irons on the market today reaching well above 400 degrees, there is more reason for concern.  Using a flat iron properly will keep your hair from overheating.  There is no reason to fear heat and styling tools, just use with care.


The most effective way of protecting the hair from being burned is by using a product that contains silicone.

It is usually a silky, shiny looking product that will create a protective shield on the hair strand. This shield  will defuse the heat and protect the hair strand from burning.  The product choice is as important as the application believe it or not. You can buy the best hair product in the world, but if not applied, evenly and thoroughly, it will not perform the way it was intended.

Section the hair in sections and apply to each section evenly. You can even do an additional comb through of the hair to make sure the product is distributed evenly.


Professional Product Recommendations

Style Prep Smoother
Glossing Straightener
Daily Hair Repair
Bumble and Bumble
Thickening Sray
Styling Lotion

Moroccan Oil 
Hydrating Styling Creme
Light Oil

Iron Silk
Smooth Down

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