9 | Precautions of Home Hair Coloring

May 02, 2018

Precautions with Home Coloring

Drug stores have made home hair coloring easier and more appealing than ever. With practically a half aisle of colors and kits to choose from, they sure do make it seem like an easy, cost effective choice.  You now may be asking “why you should spend the money on a professional versus doing it at home?” In this article we will explain exactly that.


There are many variables in hair color and it is not as simple as the box descriptions imply. Hairdressing professionals are trained to analyze the color situation as a whole, then help you reach your hair color goal. All while keeping the integrity of your hair intact.


We will always take into consideration


Hair color history

Current hair color

Desired color

What it takes to get from where you are,

to where you want to be

Avoiding over exposure to chemicals

Necessary gray coverage

As trained professionals, we have mastered the art of shade selection and color application. Not everyone with a license has the coloring ability to be called a professional. If you go to a reputable salon you will find highly trained professionals, these are the salons that carry a very high standard and artistic ability. You cannot walk into a discounted hair salon,  or a Supercuts and expect the same standard of hairdressing.  a true professionally executed Cut and Color service is worth every penny.


You get what you pay for could not be more true than in this industry.


With that now out of the way,  if youre still considering home hair coloring here are some tips to make sure you do not create more of a problem versus creating a solution.


Selecting a shade


The color on the box doesn’t mean that is how your color will turn out.  If your natural color is very dark the color will appear different than that of someone with a light natural color. This is where shade selection can be tricky on your own.  Color does not lighten color, if a lighter shade is what you are looking for, you should consult with your hairdresser.


If you are looking for golden tones, use a neutral color

If you are looking for neutral tones, use an ash color

If you are looking for a red tone, use target color              *keep in mind that reds typically look brighter near to the scalp if applied incorrectly*

Reds look best and last the longest when done by a professional

If you are looking for highlights, DO THIS AT A SALON

If you are looking for grey coverage, use a color that is intended to cover grey

If you want to go more than 2 shades darker, you must fill the hair with missing pigments before applying target color, DO THIS AT A SALON



Color application and timing


There is typically only 2ounces of color in the tube and 2ounces of devoloper making a total of 4 0unces, this is generally only enough for the new growth. This of course has to do with  the density of the hair.  Pay close attention to the density and length of your hair to ensure you have enough color to thoroughly and evenly apply. Spotty color looks very unnatural and can possibly create future hair color complications. Timing should start when you have finished applying your color. That way the last area applied has been given the full color timing needed.


As with all chemicals, follow the manufacturers directions. Every manufacturer is different so pay close attention to what each one instructs you to do.


The home haircolors use a much higher concentrations of ammonia then professional brands, use caution when applying haircolor to previously colored hair. If the color on the ends just needs refreshing, you do not need to use ammonia based haircolor. You can use what is called Demi-permanent color. This will ensure that you do not over process the hair on the ends. Constantly overlapping permanent color can compromise the structure of the hair over time.

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