Skin Smoothing Dry Brush

Dry Brush & Natural Skin Detox

This bath brush is made of natural nanmu and bristles.

1.It is easy to clean and comes with a long detachable handle, which can help you easily reach the middle of your back and legs while bathing. Offers an exfoliating SPA to enhance skin elasticity

2. Dredges the meridian passage and promotes blood circulation, dry & wet use available

3. Handle installation & removal: The slot is large at the front but small at the back. Natural bristle is tough and elastic, yet it feels different for different people.

How to use:

At the first use, it may feel hard. It is recommended that you soak the brush in warm water for a while, and use it after it gets soft. The soaking time can vary, yet it generally lasts shorter than a minute. Due to the artificial-planting method, when using a new brush, a few loose bristles will fall down, which is normal. If used properly, the really root-planted bristles will not fall. When using, do not soak it in water for long. Rinse with water after using, and comb bristles straight and smooth with a fine comb. Shaking off the water on the bath brush, and then hang it in a ventilated place for it to dry naturally.

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